Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Eclipse Download

This weekend I am heading off to Australia to play at the Eclipse 2012 festival being held in North Queensland. It promises to be quite an amazing experience, with the totality of the solar eclipse lasting over 2 minutes. Alongside a heady mix of musical acts and styles, the 'Survival Guide' promises snakes, funnel-web spiders and crocodiles too!

In preparation for the event, I have recorded a special version of a track from the new album, which has been posted up for free download from the Banco Bandcamp site. Please share the link (but not the track) far and wide.

And yes, I did say "new album": I finished mixing tracks last week, the amazing John Dent mastered it on Monday and we are finalising the segues at the moment. Entitled "Apollon", it will be released early in April next year, and I should have more info on that soon. The original version of the free track, "Eternal Sunshine", is probably the most uptempo track on the album, which overall is a joyful mix of grooves, global flavours and sublime chilled moments.

As well as the Eclipse event, I am playing at the Northcote Social Club in Melbourne on Sunday 18 November, and then, slightly nearer to home, at Hebden Bridge Trades Club on December 1st and in Dublin on December 20th at Ireland 2012.