Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I hope that 2012 has been treating you well so far. It's been full-on down here, especially since the new studio was finally finished in February. I've hardly left it since!

Recording of the new album has not gone as swiftly as I would like, but thankfully this is not due to writer's block but my desire to make this album the best it possibly can be. After all it has been six, yes six, long years since Farewell Ferengistan, so I feel like I should try to make it a belter.

The current plan is to release a single later this year, and then drop the album in the spring, hopefully leading up to a run of summer festivals.

Speaking of festivals, I had a blast at Bearded Theory, and thanks to all the lovely messages on Facebook about that. I have a few festivals booked for this summer, mainly local it turns out, which is handy for me! First up of the Somerset ones is Sunrise Celebration on June 24th (10am Sunday morning, a gently chill set to ease into the day), then Orchestra in a Field on June 30th (not a Banco gig but as part of the Post War Orchestra), Whirl-y-Gig's Whirl-y-Fayre on July 22nd (getting their very own festival at last) and finally Waveform Festival on August 31st. The only non-UK event I am booked for so far is Colours of Ostravia in Czech Repbulic on July 13th, so if you live near to there, come say "DobrĂ½ den"! There may be others added so please keep checking the website or Facebook, although a quiet summer of gigs does mean more time in the studio.

There is a final bit of housekeeping to do before the year is out, with You Are Here and Farewell Ferengistan getting digital re-releases in July and August, with added bonus tracks. Both will be out via all digital download stores, but as always I would point you towards our Bandcamp site as it gives you the biggest choice of file sizes and types, plus the most added content (for the lowest possible price too!).

That's all for now