Saturday, 22 June 2013


The second single from the album, the sort of title track Apollon, is out now and features remixes from a motley crew of friends and allies. First up is the amazing Kaya Project , whose worldly ears (and added vocals) guide the track to new enchanted places – quite the opposite of Bristol’s Playhead, whose heavy dose of urban bass and vibes drags the original into a dark and seedy nightclub! Loop Guru’s Sam D builds a solid groove around the drums and throws in a sprinkle of ethereal psychedelia for good measure, leaving Leamington legend Dr. Trippy to dub it up for the dancefloor, adding reggae-ish horns and a dirty big skank. A big thanks are due to them for putting their touch on the tune - it's always interesting to hear what people do with my music.

On that note, I have been doing a few remixes myself: one for Gaudi which you can download for free from Soundcloud, and one for the aformentioned Kaya Project which is up now on their Bandcamp.

Any of you who ‘like’ Banco De Gaia on Facebook will know we have been posting mixes of all Banco tunes made by friends and fans up at Mixcloud - if you haven’t heard them yet, please check them out as they have created some great arrangements.

We have set up a very simple merchandise store with assorted T shirt designs, record bags and even some mugs!

Finally, I have a few international shows coming up: Trimurti Festival in Russia on June 23, Nagisa Festival in Tokyo on June 29 and Roughrare in Kobe on June 30. I am back in the UK for the astoundingly good Beat-Herder Festival on July 6 and then am playing a downtempo set in Frome on July 13. More details of these shows and others are up on the Banco website or Facebook page.