Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Apollo has landed

So .... Apollo, my first new album in seven years, is now finally out, and should be available, either as a CD, download or stream, in every country in the world :-)

I hope you think it worth the long wait. I didn't spend all of the last seven years making it but I did put as much energy and time as possible into getting every track as perfect as I could.

And I didn't do this alone: those of you who have heard the album will hopefully join me in thanking Zhenia Mahdi-Nau for the amazing vocals she contributed to the opening and closing tracks, which we originally made for a film called Ancient Skies (more on that later); Tim Wheater was also kind enough to provide flutes for All Sleeping, along with Patrick Dunn on viola; Matthew Jenkins blew his saxophone for Wimble Toot and long term cohort Ted Duggan added drums to Hu!

I am also very grateful to the talented Dave Whitehead who collaborated with me yet again on the album artwork, creating not just an excellent front cover (featuring a NASA image of the sun in a solar eclipse combined with an old painting of Apollo and the Muses) but also a whole booklet of ideas. There is a great story behind the artwork, which I will post on Facebook sometime soon.

It's been wonderful working on Banco tunes again, and as well as creating remixes for Gaudi, Kaya Project and Desert Dwellers, I'm starting to think about the next lot. Hopefully this means it won't be another seven years til the next Banco album!

I have quite a few shows coming up: Zu in Lewes on April 12, Inspiral Lounge in London on April 13, a DJ Set at LAMP in Leamington Spa on May 11, then to the Trimurti Festival in Russia on June 23 and Nagisa Festival in Tokyo on June 29, plus various others.

Maybe see you on the dancefloor sometime soon?