Monday, 31 October 2011

Rewritten Histories

Happy Halloween

Hope you have all had a great summer. Mine was good on the whole: some excellent festivals, with Ozora being the highlight, plus I managed to get a little bit of time off and went to Greece for a holiday. Unfortunately the English weather wasn't great but it meant I had more time to devote to building the studio ....

Which I am happy to say is more or less finished - the building work is done, and now all that is left is to get the acoustics perfect. I can't wait to start making new tracks in the new space - I have been working on several over the summer using just my laptop, and look forward to tweaking them with proper equipment.

In the meantime I have a little bit of housekeeping still to do, and am releasing two collections of remixes and mixes later this year and early next. The first focuses on 1992-1995 and has all the early Ambient Dub and Planet Dog singles and remixes on. It comes out via the mainstream download platforms on November 28th, or you can pre-order it now from BandCamp.

I have two gigs coming up this month: Inspiral in London on November 5th and then the Spirit of Colours Festival in Mexico on November 26th.