Monday, 6 April 2009

The great Facebook debacle

I have been rather late getting a Banco page set up on Facebook. Everyone else seems to have done it years ago but I just, well, couldn't be bothered, frankly. Still, I did finally get round to it a few weeks ago, only to find out I was better off before.

For some reason Facebook decided that the name 'Banco de Gaia' is blocked and would not let me set up a 'Banco de Gaia' page. OK, I thought, it must be to stop copyright infringement, I'll just have to explain to them who I am and they'll lift the block. Mmm, except you can't contact Facebook to discuss things like that.

When I tried to set up the page there was a link to a customer service form which I duly filled in, explaining who I am and why I want to set up the page. Their response? Nothing. So I tried again, still no response. And again. And again. And again from someone else's account. And again, this time in a different name. Still no response.

So that's that. Facebook have blocked me setting up the Banco de Gaia page, and there is no way to discuss it with them. This is exactly why small shops with friendly shopkeepers will be around for a long time to come; big techno-corporations may seem all-knowing and capable but actually they're only as good as their programming, and in this case that's clearly dysfunctional.

That is, of course, assuming it's a bad web interface and not that they're blocking me because the Chinese government told them to because I spoke out about Tibet.... Nah, I can't be bothered to go down that route.

Anyway, I have the last laugh (so far). We discovered that they haven't put a block on 'Banco de Gaia - Official' so if you're on Facebook and want to go and have a look at a Banco Facebook page, you can.