Thursday, 5 March 2009

Studio update 5

Obviously I've been quiet for a long time because I've been really busy in the studio. Yeah, well, something like that... Anyway, the album is coming along, maybe not as quickly as I would wish but it's getting there.

I just had an old friend of mine in the studio adding vocals to the tune I'm currently working on. He's an announcer on BBC radio, every album should have one.

Meanwhile I've been sorting out the 'boring' side of it all, distribution plans, record labels, all that stuff. Mostly sorted now, we have a plan and the album will be available everywhere when it's ready. Well, not sure if Kyrgyzstan is really covered or not, but most places will be.

I've also joined Twitter (do you join Twitter? Whatever, I'm doing Twitter now). You may notice it in the sidebar. Not sure what the point is but the above mentioned BBC radio announcer said it's great so obviously I believed him. Given how often I update this blog, my Twitter should be gripping...