Tuesday, 16 September 2008

There goes another one

Richard Wright (keyboard player with Pink Floyd if you don't know) died yesterday.

I don't have many words to say except that he was by all accounts a really lovely person and he certainly had a major influence on my musical tastes and development. It is a sad passing and my thoughts are with his family and friends who must have lost someone very special to them.

There aren't so many key figures in music who mean so much to so many people without making a big fuss about it. He seemed gentle, honest and down to earth which is pretty impressive given the world he moved in, no huge ego on display, which probably explains why I didn't find out until today. No front page headlines, no rent-a-celebrities spouting inane anecdotes on the TV news; probably how he would have wanted it.

Thank you, Richard, for all you gave me. I hope I can emulate a little of what you brought to this world.